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Tips for the Bride on Her Wedding Day

Tips for the Bride on Her Wedding Day

There’s been a lot of time put into planning your dream wedding. From wedding planning books, to reading magazines and pinning all your ideas and visions on your Pinterest board. You might think you’re well-prepared, but what you might not have considered is the ever-so-common wedding day anxiety.

Don’t worry – it happens to almost everyone! There are expectations to meet and preparations to make, and the attention and workload can lead to overwhelming sensations.

It doesn’t hurt to get some tips for keeping cool at your wedding, which is just what we’ve compiled here to help you make it a joyous and memorable occasion worth celebrating.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

First thing’s first – get good sleep! With all the emotions and high spirits, it can be difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. This part is crucial to getting a good start to your day, though. No one needs extra dark circles to cover up, or running on fumes to get through an already-long day. Try to relax and rest so you can start the day off on the right foot.


It’s easy to forget to eat, or just not feel hungry from anxiety on your wedding day, but it’s important to get something in your system. You’ll feel a lot better if you start your day off with some fruit, eggs, pancakes – anything that is going to keep you full for long periods of time. Try to avoid greasy and fried foods that tend to make your stomach more unsettled.

Create An Emergency Bag

Emergency bags are a necessity on your wedding day. You have no idea if a button is going to fall off a dress, or if a bridesmaid is going to forget deodorant or bobby pins. These things can go in your emergency bag to ensure you’re fully prepared to take on any accidents or come to the rescue in any situation. Start planning essentials to go into your bag a week or so before the day of your wedding, and keep adding things as you continue to think of them.

Plan Enough Time To Get Ready

If there’s one thing that brides underestimate, it’s the amount of time they need to get ready. Make sure you plan enough time and add an hour or two to the amount of time you think you can be ready. To make things go a little easier, set out your accessories and dress the day before and create a day-of schedule. If you are getting ready elsewhere and need to travel to the ceremony spot, make sure you plan ample time for traffic.

Hopefully, these few tips help you have a seamless wedding day. Though it might seem like a crazy blur, these memories will last a lifetime, so make sure you’re prepared enough to take it all in and be present in the moment. Before you know it, the day will be over and you’ll wish you could relive it slower!

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